Organic soybean oil

Product obtained by pressing soybean seeds.

Filtered Soybean Oil This oil is extremely rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid. Maintains a fair amount of lecithin; highomega-3 content, which, together with the high omega-6 and oleic acid content, gives the soybean oil significant cholesterol-lowering properties.


Acidity (expressed in oleic acid) 0.1-1.5%
Palmitic acid: 8-13.5%
Oleic acid: 17-30%
Linoleic acid: 48-59%
Linolenic acid: 4.5-11%
Specific weight: 91.9-92.5 kg/hl (at 20°)


At room temperature, away from sources of light and heat.


In bulk in tanks or cubitainers.