Crude filtered high oleic sunflower oil

Product obtained by pressing High Oleic Sunflower seeds.

Filtered High Oleic Sunflower Oil Extremely rich in vitamin
E and plant steroids, it contains vitamins A, C and D. The high oleic acid
content makes the sunflower oil more stable at high temperatures than the ordinary
(linoleic) variety.


Acidity (expressed in oleic acid): < 1,5 %
Peroxide number: maximum 10 meq O2/Kg

Acid composition
Palmitic acid: 2.6-5.0%
Stearic acid: 2.9-6.2%
Oleic acid: more than 75-90,7%
Linoleic acid: less than 2.1-17%
Linolenic acid: maximum 0.3%
Iodine number: 78-90
Smoke point: higher than 200°C

Specific weight: 90,9-91,5 kg/hl (a 25°)

Total fat 100 ml - 100 g
saturates: 9.1 g - 10,0 g
monounsaturates: 72.2 g - 79,0 g
polyunsaturates: 10.1 - 11,0 g
carbohydrates: 0 - 0
protein: 0 - 0 energy: 3382 KJ/823 Kcal - 3700 KJ/900 Kcal
taste: typical of sunflower seeds
colour: deep yellow

Use: ideal for frying and excellent for the food industry


At room temperature, away from sources of light and heat.


In bulk in tanks or cubitainers.