We monitor every step of the growing, harvesting and distribution process, so as to guarantee the natural goodness and quality of the product.

We grew with the healthy values energy thanks to the forward-looking vision of Massimo and Monica and their responsibility towards mankind and the environment, today AGRICOLA GRAINS is a solid international company operating in the collection and marketing of cereals from organic farming, as well as providing technical assistance with qualified personnel to the 1,500 farms with which it collaborates. An agriculture that uses cultivation techniques that respect biodiversity, seasonal cycles, the preservation of soil fertility over time. Healthy and safe from sowing to harvesting, to bring authenticity, freshness and health to the table.

Good agriculture, the one that AGRICOLA GRAINS has been feeding since 1930. We offer an “all-round” service. The future stays in the abandonment of chemical crops for the benefit of eco-sustainable agricultural practices that safeguard the earth and the world of values it holds. Alongside responsible farmers.

The choice to pursue the path of quality and responsibility at 360° pushes AGRICOLA GRAINS to enter into collaborative relationships exclusively with trusted Italian farmers who share the same principles of healthy agricultural practice and maximum food safety.

From sowing to finished product. A collaboration that effectively translates into following the crops from sowing to harvesting by directly supplying organic seeds to farmers to guarantee total and transparent traceability of the supply chain. We check every phase, from growth to harvest, to guarantee the naturalness and quality of our products. From good soil to good food, passing through healthy animal husbandry AGRICOLA GRAINS has created an oil mill to produce organic vegetable oils obtained mechanically with cold pressing for feed and food use.