The high-quality oil derived from fertile land.

An oil for crispy and dry frying, also suitable for seasoning. We produce and package it in our facility in Italy. Enhance the quality in your kitchen with our BAG IN BOX packaging.

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Our Bag in Box packaging of organic high oleic sunflower oil is PRACTICAL, PRESERVES FRESHNESS, and IDEAL FOR CATERING.
Agricola Grains’ organic oil is of exceptional quality, with a smoke point reaching 230°C, making it perfect for achieving crispier and drier frying results compared to other oils on the market. It is also ideal for cold dressings, sauces, and mayonnaise.
We have established an oil mill for the production of organic vegetable oils using mechanical cold-pressing methods. The low-temperature extrusion and pressing system allow us to obtain both raw and filtered vegetable oil with excellent nutritional and sensory properties.
We meticulously control every stage, from sowing to harvesting, to ensure the naturalness and quality of our products. The pressing facility at our Arre plant consists of two separate production lines. Over the years, we have increased our production capacity and extraction efficiency, resulting in a total of 13 presses.

Available in Bag in Box

3 liters

5 liters

20 liters

AVAILABLE IN IBC (1,000 liters) or TANKS (30,000 liters).

olio di girasole altoleico biologico agricola grains
olio di girasole biologico agricola grains
olio di girasole altoleico biologico agricola grains

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