Those who sow well reap good fruits

Every day alongside farmers for a tracked and safe organic.

The balance between man and nature is a fragile one, to be preserved also thanks to intelligent agriculture.

Bio oil

AGRICOLA GRAINS has created an oil mill to produce mechanically obtained bio vegetable oils with cold pressing for zootechnical and food use. The low temperature extrusion and squeezing plant allows to obtain both raw and filtered vegetable oils for food and livestock use with high nutritional and organoleptic properties.

An "all-round" service

The future lies in the abandonment of chemical crops for the benefit of eco-sustainable agricultural practices

that safeguard the earth and the world of values it holds.

Highly-qualified assistance for farmers and checks carried out at the growing and harvesting stages.

Reception of goods and quality control using NIR technology, and assigning of incoming lot numbers.

Classification of materials into those for human consumption and animal feed, toasting, allocation of entry area in the warehouse.

Cleaning/drying with heat recovery, division into traceable lots, further routine checks on the goods in the in-house laboratory.

Storage in refrigerated silos and covered pits, goods checked using dedicated software and automated tools to monitor all processes.

Production in our oil mill of organic vegetable oils for livestock feed and human consumption, extracted using mechanical cold-pressing systems.

Monitoring for quality control before being loaded for delivery to customers.

Organisation of transport, using certified freight carriers, for delivery to end customers (mills and companies in the food industry, animal feed companies).

Nurtured and energised with wholesome values

Thanks to this long-sighted vision and the siblings’ sense of responsibility towards Man and the environment, AGRICOLA GRAINS is today a strong, international business that harvests, sells and processes cereals and oilseed crops, all strictly organic. The company also produces vegetable oils for human and animal consumption, and its qualified staff provide technical assistance to the 1500 farming businesses AGRICOLA GRAINS works with, aided by an ACCREDIA-certified in-house laboratory for product analysis..

Nourishing a passion for our earth, since 1930.

How much is the bio worth?

Our experience has matured over several years of working in the field alongside farmers. This has taught us that, once the necessary cultivation operations have been done; the right basic organic fertilizations and coverings and if necessary (for example close to flowering); the support with foliar fertilizers, the possibilities of satisfactory productions will increase.
Let us remember that our aim is not to produce as much as conventional agriculture, but to produce in a sustainable way, respecting the ecosystem. All this is the added value of the Bio product, which allows for higher margins.

Agricola Grains agronomist